about the project

EMULSION tells the story of a dejected salesman who is inadvertently drawn into a dangerous blackmail scheme that forces him to fight for control a life he never thought was worth living.

Painting a murky film noir world where no one is exactly as they appear, Emulsion follows Dane Allen as he evolves from an utterly forgettable cog into a potent activist who brings the powers that be to their knees. It is a story of discovery, manipulation and the never-ending struggle between complacency and self-actualization.

This project is currently in development and was created by award-winning filmmaker Ryan Lewis. Emulsion's feature length screenplay is complete and will commence production upon the acquisition of proper funding.

In addition to the script, Lewis created a sixteen-minute short film of the same name, which serves as an extended trailer to garner the attention and backing required to produce the entire film. Both the short film and feature screenplay have received honors from festivals across North America.

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