STEPHANIE BRAIT (NIKKI) Stephanie has trained and performed all over the globe from her hometown of Boston to NYC (Lincoln Center), Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, and back to Cincinnati, OH (where she has recently graduated from The College-Conservatory of Music's Acting program). In addition to an extensive theater background, Stephanie has appeared in a number of TV and motion picture projects (most recently hosting/conducting arts related interviews on PBS/CET connect). Additionally, her voiceover, print, and commercial experience includes recent work with Mentos, Cincinnati Bell, Procter & Gamble and The Travel Channel.

ROBERT PAVLOVICH (THE VOICE) A New Orleans native and currently a Cincinnati resident, Robert has been involved in Radio, Television, Film and Video one way or another since 1978. An award-winning writer, director, producer and actor, Robert has appeared in leading and supporting roles in over 60 stage productions in Regional, New Orleans, and Cincinnati Theater as well as motion pictures and TV series. His most recent films are Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Purity Of Life and the pilot for Predator Net.

DAN DAVIDSON (MURPH) Dan Davidson is an artist from the Cincinnati area. His creative work ranges from acting and writing to photography, graphic design, and performance art. Dan recently performed a piece he created with a small group of artists in Downtown Cincinnati called (.com)passion side show. Dan is currently performing with the Missoula Children's Theater.

NICK ROSE (JAY) Nick Rose is a founding member of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and has been nominated for multiple Cincinnati acting honors. While at CSC, Nick appeared in dozens of Shakespearean plays over the course of ten years. Nick has previously found screen time in a number of television commercials and in Infamous: The Pelagrino Brothers, HereAfter, Justice In Bloom and The Tao Of Tom.

AYLA OCASIO (MURPH’S GIRL) Ayla recently performed with the Know Theatre, Cincinnati after having spent the last two crazy summers at Theatre by the Sea in Rhode Island. She has been a part of the Florida Reportory Theatre's family for several years, performing in Scapino! as the waitress, in Moon Over Buffalo as Eileen, and assorted roles in their children's program. Her other credits include Suzanna Wilcott in The Crucible (Asolo Theatre), Lisabette Anton in Show Business (Theatre Conspiracy).