It's hard out here for a mohel. It's a high pressure gig. I mean, one tiny slip and little Simcha ain't getting a Bar Mitzvah. Then there's the jokes, the taunts, the goyim's cries of "You do WHAT for a living?" And now it seems some schlemiels out there have gotten the idea that what I do is 'barbaric' - that me and my brethren have robbed them of a vital piece of their manhood. (Vital? Feh, it's an eighth of an inch, tops.)

Anyway, the day these kvetchers banded together and slapped me with a class action suit, I knew it was time to snip this thing in the bud. I vowed there and then to bring my special skills to bear against a world that no longer appreciated me.

So get ready, world. Tur-Mohel's about to teach you a lesson in "hu-briss."

Todah rabah,


PS - In order to learn more about the Evil League Of Evil and their mission, please visit DrHorrible.com.