CHRISTOPHER GUTHRIE – Originally from Stratford, Connecticut, Chris graduated from Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina with a B.A. in theater. Chris has spent eight seasons with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in roles such as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet and Trinculo in The Tempest. He has also appeared at the Know Theatre and most recently, he performed with New Stage Collective as Peter Evans in Bug.

JAMES BRADFORD – Bradford is an IT Professional at Siemens IT Solutions and Services. He has acquired several certifications through the years to provide comfort to his superiors that he is not a disaster on the payroll. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, James currently resides in Mt. Washington with his lovely wife Alice. He would like to extend his gratitude to Jeremy Dubin for his true friendship and for the fine work he does with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.

PARIS TRAGANOS – Paris is a career carpenter born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. His previous film experience includes when telling the local news reporter about how he "done seen the tornado comin' from over there." He would like to dedicate his shadowy performance in Tur-Mohel to his inability to keep a straight face.

ADRIAN ITESCU – Adrian began his acting career in a public school in Cincinnati. Being the only Jew, he was forced to play the baby Jesus every Christmas pageant. Dismayed with acting, he became a professional piercer in 2003. He now works at Skincraft Body Piercing and Tattoo, where they don't make him play the baby Jesus.

CONNOR LYNCH – Connor is currently a senior Electronic Media Major at Xavier University. At Xavier he is a co-director of "Beards of Industry," a sketch show which airs on the campus cable network. He wishes to thank Jeremy and all of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company for their generosity and friendship. He is honored to be counted as one of the Minyan.